Is your Indy properly armed?

Want to take your new LEGO Indiana Jones minifigures to the next level? Arm them with premium BrickArms accessories! In addition to his trusty whip, Indy carries (or intercepts) a number of weapons throughout the film series. Following are four prominently featured weapons from the BrickArms RELOADED series that are available now in the shop.

The Webley Revolver

The Webley "WG" Army Model is featured throughout Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and BrickArms makes a movie-accurate replica overmolded in gunmetal and black plastic. Get yours here

The P38 Pistol

As a common sidearm of the German army, the Walther P38 is featured throughout the Last Crusade and is carried by a number of characters in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is actually a mistake as it wouldn't have been in production during the timeframe Raiders of the Lost Ark was meant to have taken place. In Last Crusade, Indy gets his hands on a P38 and marvels at how powerful it is after he uses it to shoot several German soldiers with one bullet! The BrickArms P38 Reloaded is a perfect replica of the gun from the films. 

The 1911 Pistol

Indy was meant to have carried a Colt 1911 in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which would have been historically appropriate. Due to the greater reliability of 9 mm blanks during film production, the producers gave him an FN Hi-Power instead, which would have been a recently designed gun during the period the film took place and highly likely for Indy to have had. In any case, at mining scale, the BrickArms 1911 is an excellent stand-in for the Hi-Power.

The RPG 

Clad in a German uniform, Indy famously points a stolen rocket launcher at the Ark of the Convenient but can't bring himself to destroy such a historically significant artifact. Meant to look like a German anti-tank weapon, the rocket launcher was custom built by the film's armorer from a Chinese Type 56 copy of the Soviet RPG-2. The BrickArms RPG-7 Reloaded works great as a stand-in for Indy's unfired launcher.


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