Custom printing

In addition to making our own unique minifigures, we can also help you realize your custom LEGO projects. From planning, to parts procurement, to custom printing, we can be the one-stop-shop for your entire project. Factors that will help us realize your goals:

  • Timeframe—the more time we have to plan your project, the better. It will be scheduled alongside our own projects, and we need to ensure we have a sufficient runway to execute. 
  • Scope—We utilize pad printing (just like LEGO!), and it is only cost effective when done at scale. Setting up any project includes minimum setup time and production costs meaning making a handful of custom minifigures would be almost as expensive as making hundreds! The bigger your order, the lower your per figure cost will be, but we cannot consider a project at all if it doesn't meet a minimum threshold. 
  • Part availability—For some projects, parts need to be sourced from multiple locations and sometimes from around the world. This affects the timeframe.
  • Complexity—How detailed a design is, the number of colors, and the number of surfaces to be printed on all affect how long it will take to complete a job and its cost. Sufficient to say, a one color logo torso is far simpler and cheaper than a four-color minifigure with 360 degree printing!
  • Design—Do you need design services, or are we using an existing design (like a corporate logo), and if so, do you have it available in a vector file format? Your design needs will affect the timeframe and complexity of the project.

Ready to share your project details? Contact us today!