Sergeant S’more - Dark Blue Misprint

Sergeant S’more - Dark Blue Misprint

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**Dark blue variant of Sergeant S'more—extremely limited**

Sergeant S’more is a combat-ready, confectionary commando who uses the power of roasted marshmallows, crisp graham crackers, and creamy chocolate in his personal pursuit of sweet justice. What terrible incident led to the creation of this melty military man? Government experiment gone wrong? Black magic? Was a former human bitten by a radioactive dessert? Add S’more to your collection today to decide for yourself, and use #FSBSmore on Instagram to share in S’more’s journey!

  • Made of genuine LEGO parts with custom printing
  • Includes brick-built flamethrower
  • Character concept by Fresh Stock Blocks
  • Design and pad printing by Citizen Brick
  • Limited, single-run figure (act quickly before it's sold out forever!)

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